Stuck in the Weeds

Stuck in the Weeds


“Imprisoned in my kayak, I leaned back and wondered if this choice I had made was perhaps the most foolish, ill-advised choice of my entire life.”

Paul Stutzman was stuck in the weeds. Literally stuck, in the thick weeds of a Mississippi River swamp.

All of us at one time or another are “stuck.” We may find ourselves at a place In our jobs, our marriages, our parenting, or our faith when there seem to be no answers and no clear path ahead. What does a follower of Jesus do then?

Stutzman gives an honest account of events and questions in his own life that left him feeling just as stuck as the thick, impenetrable swamp weeds that confounded his Mississippi River journey. In a pilgrimage to find answers and clarity on personal and faith issues, he hikes a famous trail in Spain and ponders how choosing to be a disciple of Christ affects the choices we all make in our pilgrimages.

His reflections will challenge the discipleship of every follower of Jesus.

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