Sally Pickard


Sally Pickard does a wonderful job of chronicling her own story of the wonderful truth of forgiveness. You will have to fasten your seatbelt as you read her amazing experience, as the Holy Spirit unlocked this truth to her. Be prepared to have your perspective challenged as you hear her experiences of being a missionary with her husband, Maurice (a missionary pilot), and the challenge and sacrifice of living in parts of the world you may have never heard of. You will feel your heart being tugged with compassion and an appreciation of the love God has for the entire world, and how the Lord led her into counseling women who were bound by unforgiveness, which caused them to have a hard time fathoming that God loved them personally.

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Are you a Rose in a Pitcher or a Tulip in a Vase?
Sally Pickard and Brenda Dulmage have created five temperament types and then use a beautiful Vessel to symbolize each temperament.  They also use a lovely Flower to portray each of the seven ways you function.  They then present a pretty, feminine word-picture of a Flower inside a Vessel, which describes the characteristics of who you are, like a Daisy in a Basket or a Dogwood in a Velvet Box.
Their material helps you see yourself as a specific Vessel and Flower and realize how God planned it especially for you. It helps you understand yourself and others in your life.

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