Scott Butler


From the end of the last Ice Age until the end of the War of 1812, Coshocton and adjacent counties have seen the presence of important events and peoples, mostly Native Americans, but also a few crucial missionaries. Archeological records provide the first 16,000 years of human presence and voluminous writings detail the last 100 years of that period. This book describes the area’s entire glorious history in all possible detail until the frontier moved west after 1814.
Drawing on original sources, where available, and some original research, readers will learn about the Native American residents – who they were, why they came, and what they did - and the area’s eventual settlement by pioneers. The principal settlers were Native Americans in the 18th century with Mohawk, Wyandot, Seneca, Delaware and Shawnee present. The words and deeds of their leaders are given from their own point of view, when possible. Their languages are described and meanings of many of the sea of place names they left are derived.

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