Andy Miller


Two yellow airplanes in the sky high above an Amish buggy ignited dreams of flying in the little three-year-old. Before he was even ten, Andy Miller was attempting to “slip the bonds of earth and dance in the skies” by making his own wings of cardboard.
Andy began his life as an aviator in the skies of Red Lake, Ontario, a gold-mining town, piloting seaplanes and ski-planes over the Canadian bush, a land of few roads and countless lakes. He transported everything from passengers, trappers’ furs, and mining equipment to a mad prospector who attempted to hijack the plane.
Opportunity moved him and his family to Alberta, and flights took him to the vast, trackless land of the Arctic, a world of frozen seas and snow, of long days and endless nights, where a mistake in navigation was not only a matter of getting lost but could be a matter of life or death.
Andy’s long career in the skies finished in corporate jets based back in the United States, his native country. In these stories, he looks back at the many years in space and on the earth and sees God’s grace guiding his navigation. 

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