Thousands of years ago, God Himself gave us His very words. First, we received them engraved upon stone by God's own hand. Later, He spoke through His faithful prophets. Originally on sheep skin and later on papyrus scrolls, Jewish scribes meticulously scripted each word.

Today, we have endeavored to preserve an appreciation for those ancient scrolls. These one-of-a-kind Bibles are printed in King James format on 400 feet of tear-proof, parchment-colored substrate, displayed in a finely crafted finger-jointed hardwood housing. Truly precious beyond words, the Holy Scriptures are the essence of life; God's very breath. This extraordinary scroll will bring with it a unique user experience and make a very special gift that will be cherished for generations.

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Woman, how divine your mission!” penned the poet W. R. Wallace, “for the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” But rocking the cradle is not always an easy task, for many mothers find the joy and wonder of a baby’s birth to be offset by weariness, frustration and a lack of time or energy for spiritual nourishment. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle was birthed because of the more complete truth that “the hand that rocks the cradle needs the Hand that rules the world.”
With the arrival of your child, your life has changed forever. You’ve felt its highs and lows. And whether this is your first child or your fifth, you face added adjustments and responsibilities. More than ever, you need the Hand of the One Who rules the world—Jesus Christ.

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Are you a Rose in a Pitcher or a Tulip in a Vase?
Sally Pickard and Brenda Dulmage have created five temperament types and then use a beautiful Vessel to symbolize each temperament.  They also use a lovely Flower to portray each of the seven ways you function.  They then present a pretty, feminine word-picture of a Flower inside a Vessel, which describes the characteristics of who you are, like a Daisy in a Basket or a Dogwood in a Velvet Box.
Their material helps you see yourself as a specific Vessel and Flower and realize how God planned it especially for you. It helps you understand yourself and others in your life.

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In Women at the Cross, Beachy paints a picture of 12 women from the Bible whose lives portray those who live by the cross. She then draws encouragement from each of their lives showing you how to strengthen your own walk with the Lord.

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